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Film & Digital Camera Rental
Video Equipment Rentals has combined Fletcher Camera, PACE and VER’s Digital Cinema division to form CINEVERSE. This collaboration combines the strengths of VER’s extensive inventory, comprehensive engineering and international reach along with Fletcher’s & PACE's film experience and technological innovation to create... CINEVERSE with a commitment to the craft of cinematography.
CINEVERSE boasts a substantial R&D and manufacturing capability having contributed to multiple OSCARS® for Cinematography and VFX.  CINEVERSE routinely prototypes and creates custom solutions to the specifications of DPs, ACs, Camera Operators, VFX and Directors.  CINEVERSE works with feature film, commercial, and television clients of all scales in 2D and 3D | 2K to 4K to deliver premium equipment and service with an eye always toward maximizing business value to the production.  FULL CREDITS

Our Film & Digital Rental division features Arri ALEXA XT, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA Studio, ALEXA M and ALEXA Classic; Arri AMIRA; Sony F55 & Sony F65; Phantom Flex (High Speed); Canon C300, Canon C500 and 1DC; & RED Dragon camera packages. CINEVERSE also rents 35mm film ARRICAMs (4, 3 2 perf). Lens highlights include Vantage Hawk Anamorphic; Angenieux Optimo; Arri Alura & Fujinon Premier zooms; Leica Summilux-C and Leica Summicon-C; Cooke's Anamorphic /i, Cooke S4, Cooke S5, Cooke Mini S4; and Zeiss Ultra, Super Speeds, & Zeiss Master Primes; and Kowa anamorphic lenses.  CINEVERSE  is also the ncam representative for the film, television and commercial previs / virtual production markets.